Best Cordless Oscillating Tools Reviews – 2022

Having a solid set of power tools can help you improve your projects in several different ways. It’s a great feeling to get things done faster with a lot less effort while still getting truly superior results. Adding an oscillating multi-tool to your arsenal allows you to do multiple projects around the house and the job site. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best cordless oscillating tools and a few reviews to help you get started.


Best Cordless Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

What Is An Oscillating Multi-Tool?

The oscillating multi-tool has recently become a popular tool choice for many home improvement projects. The cutting motion on the oscillating tool is different than that of a reciprocating, jigsaw, or circular saw. With a flat metal blade, the cutting motion moves from side to side at approximately 20,000 times per minute.
Unlike other saws, you don’t get kick-back or have the saw grab while cutting. It can also make straight and curved cuts in really tight places like corners thanks to its small size and the offset shape and location of the blade. And, even though the blades for an oscillating tool are a semi-circular shape, they do not spin. The shape just lets them make oscillating cuts from a wide range of directions.


Keep in mind that this is a tool that uses vibrations as a specification of performance, so it’s hard to keep the vibrations from transferring into your arms and hand. If you do your research though, you will find that there is a range from the best oscillating tool to the worst when it comes to vibration, so it all depends on your comfort level.

Noise Level

Along with vibrations, you will also have noise levels to deal with and some will be worse than others. Remember that the perceived sound pressure level will roughly double every ten decibels so, again, it all depends on your comfort level.


Ergonomics are also a big consideration, especially if you will be holding the tool for long periods of time. Make sure to check out the handle design and weight of the model you are considering and look for a large diameter handle that is rounded for the most comfort.

Blade Changes

Having a quick and easy blade change that doesn’t require tools can help make your work day a lot easier. When you don’t have to spend a lot of time messing with the blade, and you can get back to work quickly, it improves your productivity and efficiency. Look for models with quick-blade change mechanisms or systems to help keep your day running smoothly.


Best Cordless Oscillating Tools Reviews

DEWALT DCS355D1 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Versatile and useful, the Dewalt DCS355D1 Multi-Tool has functions that include cutting, sawing, and sanding. Allowing users the ability to set height and depth for a series of cuts, this tool features a brushless motor that gives you 57% more run time than its competitors. It also features a bright LED light that illuminates your work area increasing safety and accuracy.

The Dewalt DCS355D1 includes a special quick change accessory system that lets you change attachments and blades quickly without using a wrench. The variable speed trigger offers a dual-grip that gives you the most control and speed for a project. The included accessory kit includes 28 pieces of the most popular sanding and cutting attachments as well as a universal accessory adaptor that you can use with most oscillating tool accessory brands.
You also get 0 – 20,000 oscillations per minute with an oscillating angle of 1.6 degrees. Weighing only 3.22 pounds and measuring 12.2 inches, this is a very portable tool that comes with a 2.0 Ah battery, charger, and contractor bag.


The changing system has a good solid spring with a secure lock
The lock is very useful and well-designed
A fairly quiet tool, you can talk over it without any problem


The belt clip is not very useful
The bag is annoying to use and won’t stay open

PORTER-CABLE PCC710B Oscillating Tool

Featuring a two-finger tool-free system, the PORTER-CABLE PCC710B Oscillating Tool makes changing and adjusting accessories fast and easy. You also get a variable speed dial that gives you the most control across a wide range of projects. Plus, you get an integrated LED work light that illuminates your work area for better safety and accuracy.

The three position over mold grip gives you increased comfort by lessening vibrations. The set includes accessories and storage box that gives you the ability to grind, scrape, sand, and cut all with one tool. This tool is included in the 20V Max System and works as part of the high-performance cordless platform.


Works well and has tons of power
Easy to use spring-loaded attachment mechanism
Good value for the money


Will stop oscillating when you press on it too hard while cutting
Gets bogged down easily.

VonHaus Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Versatile and portable, the VonHaus Oscillating Multi-Tool comes with ten tool attachments and a range of sandpaper to use. The 3.2° oscillating tool head lets you remove grout, cut, scrape, and sand with a powerful high-spec motor that operates between 8000 and 18000 OPM. Constructed of cast aluminum, the gearhead was created to be durable, lightweight, and strong.

This is a very portable tool that doesn’t have power cords restricting your movement. The VonHause works well indoors and outdoors and comes with a 20V Max 2Ah battery. You also get a dust extraction system that includes a hose that reduces the mess. Other features include an LED work light, quick-release blade change, a storage bag, and 4x wood blades.


Removes loose bolts with little effort
A nice quality tool with a useful battery charge indicating light
Great price for what you get


When you pull the trigger too fast, the motor doesn’t always respond
The motor has a whiny noise

Makita XMT03Z Cordless Multi-Tool

Perfect for a range of projects, the Makita XMT03Z Cordless Multi-Tool gives you the power and speed you expect from a corded tool. Featuring low noise and fewer vibrations, the Makita has increased performance and is perfect for removing grout, scraping, sanding, and cutting. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion series, the Makita has the quickest charge time in its class so you will spend more time working.

You also get variable speed control between 6,000 and 20,000 OPM and a soft start feature that lets you match the speed you need for the project with more control. Plus, you get a 3.2-degree oscillation angle that is designed for aggressive and faster sanding and cutting. You also get better handling with a small diameter barrel grip as well as a lock-on button on the large on/off slide switch.

The Makita XMT03Z is ideal for general contractors, plumbers, electricians, remodelers, and carpenters. It also features an 18Volt battery that gives you up to twenty minutes of continuous run time and an adapter that will fit most competitive accessories.


Great for DIY projects
Solidly built, not a lot of vibrations
A high-quality tool with a quick-change feature


Location of the quick-change lever keeps you from making deep cuts
Doesn’t include an LED light

Milwaukee Cordless Orbiting Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is beneficial in many different applications, especially the Milwaukee 2626-20 that lets you finish any job accurately and easily. With the included accessories, you can grout, sand, and cut with improved handling thanks to the rubber mold handle covering. You can attach additional accessories from either Milwaukee or competitor brands.

With enough speed adjustability, you can easily handle delicate polishing projects and intense cutting jobs. You can make fast work of your projects with the Milwaukee 2626-20’s tool-free accessory making this a very versatile tool. Other features include Redlink technology, a fuel gauge, and LED lighting.

Featuring twelve speed settings, this tool is fully adjustable tool and can switch from 11,000 to an incredible 18,000 OPM for a wide range of applications. You also get a gear case that is all metal and helps to prolong the tool’s longevity. Plus, you also get M18 batteries that you can plug in allowing communication between the two platforms, so it the tool starts to overheat, the batteries will slow the amount of power they are providing.


Quick cuts and has a nice light
Fast blade changes
Features nice ergonomics


Blade changes have a learning curve
The battery doesn’t last very long

Tacklife PMT03B Cordless Multifunctional Tool

The incredible portable Tacklife PMT03B Multi-Tool features six variable speed selection that can adjust to the rate you need for each project. It works well from cutting metal to plastic and can adapt to any speed you need. Giving you the power you would get from a corded tool, the Tacklife gives you the portability that doesn’t limit where you can use it.

Featuring a 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, you get a full charge in about an hour and is also compatible with Tacklife’s PCD04B and PCD06B Cordless Drills allowing you to use the batteries interchangeably. With the tool-free quick-release system, you can easily change attachment and blades quickly, and the universal accessories adaptor allows you to use other accessory brands. You also get a great ergonomic grip with a soft rubber overmold handle that increases your comfort level and efficiency while you work.


A handy tool that makes projects fun
Small and lightweight and comes with a convenient carrying bag
A helpful tool that is great for flowing projects


WORKPRO Oscillating Multi-Tool

An affordable and dependable tool for your workshop, the Workpro Oscillating Multi-Tool is an incredible value for a high-quality tool. Offering flexibility and a multipurpose design, the Workpro can sand, cut, and remove grout and works well on metal, plastic, drywall, hardwood, and softwood. With five-speed positions, you get the speed you need for any type of project.

With fifteen included accessories, the Workpro comes with all the necessary components to start your next projects including sandpaper, a rigid scraper, and a wood/metal end-cut saw blade. You also get easy blades changes by simply using the hex key to release and fix for safety, plus you get the benefit of a powerful 20volt Li-Ion battery for incredible portability. Other features include an ergonomic handle, an easy to operate on/off switch, and a solid contractor bag featuring a wide mouth for fast access and rubber foam at the bottom to keep the bag sturdy.


A lot of power and great battery life
Easy to use and comes with a nice bag
Good value for the money


Very noisy in small places

Fein AFMM18QSL Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Created to make a tough workday easier, the FEIN MultiMaster has taken on the most demanding jobs for the last fifty years. Equipped with tons of features, it makes work safer and easier with its unmatched quality. Its cordless versatility rivals its corded competitors with power and minimal vibrations.

Using an all metal gearhead and 18 volt DC motor, the Fein MultiMaster features four flexible damping elements and has a housing that is separate from the motor reducing vibrations up to 70 percent. Accessories are changed effortlessly with the tool-free and pin-less quick-change system that lets you change an accessory in less than 3 seconds. You save tons of time with the wide variety of accessories you can choose from depending on the specific application.

The Fein Cordless MultiMaster also comes with two Safety Cell batteries that protect against deep discharge, overheating, and overload. You also get tons of accessories for sanding, scraping, and cutting as well as an ALG 50 charger. This is the ideal tool for hardwood flooring, toe kicks, and door jams.


Cuts quickly and includes a soft start
Low vibration and the machine doesn’t get hot
Tons of attachment options


Noisy cutting action

Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

Get rid of cords with the portable Rockwell Sonicrafter. With a powerful 2.0 Amp motor, the Rockwell features a metal gear housing for extreme durability and can accept accessories from other brands without using an adapter. It also includes a hyper-lock tool-less blade change that gives you one-ton clamping force to stop your blades from slipping.

The Rockwell Sonicrafter also includes a universal fit system that accepts blades and sanders from all major manufacturers. Other features include an LED work light for increased visibility for safety and accuracy and a 20V Max Lithium Battery.


Blade changes are fast and tool-less
Comes with a storage bag and strap
Has a less annoying sound than its competitors


A little on the heavy side
Doesn’t include a heavy-duty blade


Ryobi RMT1801M JobPlus Cordless Multi-Tool

The all-in-one Ryobi JobPlus can tackle a wide range of projects around the house. Easily remove grout, sand, or cut a variety of materials like plastic, drywall, metal, and wood. You get three heads with the kit for cutting and sanding as well as six more sanding pads.

Easily use accessories from other manufacturers so you have the freedom to find the best accessories for the project at hand. You also get an easy grip with the Hex rubber molding created to make the most of the contact points in your hands giving you better control as you work in hard to reach places. Plus, you get a bright LED that won’t get blocked by the tool and illuminates your work area giving your more safety and accuracy.


A convenient tool that works with the One+18v set
You can interchange tools with other brands
Makes versatile cuts and gets into tight spaces easily


Part of a combo kit that Ryobi doesn’t register separately, could be a problem for warranty claims
Adding a cordless oscillating tool to your workshop will help improve your efficiency and productivity with many different projects. Make sure to look for a tool that is easy to use, lightweight, and lets you make fast and easy blade changes so you can get things done around the house and job site faster.


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