Best Dot Laser Levels Reviews For 2022

When doing any job, it pays to use the right tool. Levels are necessary to a number of jobs when it comes to construction, home renovation and more. Laser dot levels are one of the best types available on the market today. With so many different models available, it can be difficult to find the one that is best for your needs. We will take a look at some of the best laser dot levels on the market. We will also cover some important things to look out for when you shop for one of these tools.


Best Dot Laser Levels Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose Dot Laser Levels?

There are a number of different types of levels to choose from. The single best reason to choose a dot laser level is the accuracy. The laws of physics can’t be broken. A laser light must travel in a straight, true line. The accuracy afforded by this type of tool soundly beats the competition. The second reason to choose a laser device is that they are simple to use. They can often be used by one person or even hands free once mounted in place. This isn’t always true with different types of levels. Last of all, they are simply more versatile. Unlike simple levels, most laser units can measure out multiple lines in multiple directions at the same time. They can handle a variety of tasks that older styled levels simply can’t. If you’re just a handyman or a full-time contractor, this is an invaluable tool to own.


Features to Look For

You’ll want to choose a unit in your price range. You will also want to choose a tool that meets your needs. Are you just hanging the occasional picture, or are you building houses or doing carpentry work? The bigger the project, the more range you will need the unit to cover. As a general rule, you should look for units with a minimum of a 20 ft. range. If you are building houses, doing flooring or complex projects, choosing a unit that handles right angles can come in handy. Power source is another thing that differs from model to model. Rechargeable units that do not require frequent battery changes can be a great perk that will save you money in the long run.


How to Use Dot Laser Levels

How the tool is used will depend somewhat on the specific model. You will want to start by setting up the level on a tripod, a flat surface, or mounted to a wall or other standing object. If it is self leveling, you will only need to wait a moment until it becomes stable. If there is no wall or object to catch the laser at its end point, you may need to set up a laser catcher or flat object that can achieve this goal. Basically, the end dot of the laser will show you precisely where the level end of your line is.


More Tips

It’s always a good idea to store tools in a waterproof tool box or kit when not in use. Many of the levels on this list are resistant to splashes and dust. That doesn’t mean you should allow them to get soaking wet or dirty though. Regular cleaning of your tools will keep them operating their best. It’s also a good idea to change batteries frequently to make sure you get a strong, easy-to-see laser dot.


The Best Dot Laser Levels Reviews

Bosch 3-Point Laser Alignment GPL 3

This leveler is a 3-point laser device that self levels. It is accurate to 1/4 inch up to 100 ft. It can be used for up and down plumb, alignment or leveling applications. The devise is powered by three AA batteries. It also comes with a hard carry case to protect it in your tool box or on your belt. A handy, multi-purpose attachment device can be attached nearly anywhere to aid in hands-free use.

Standard plumb bob take tow people or you have to wait for the plumb to stop moving. This device removes that issue by using lasers and a quick-setting pendulum. It is fast and easy to use and extremely accurate. One of the best features for this model is that it is a smart device. The system self levels and even locks when switched off. The housing of this unit is overbuilt with a tough, rugged plastic. It is built like a tank for years of heavy duty use. It is also water and dust proof, further increasing its durability.


Self levels.
Rugged construction.
Speed and precision.


Doesn’t set right angles.


Leica Lino P5 5 Beam Point Red Dot Laser

If you need to accurately measure right angles, then this leveler may be the right choice for you. The 90-degree angles are precise and can help you to perfectly measure layouts. Up to five lasers can be projected at once, hence the model designation of P5. This unit has a self-leveling pendulum that will shut the laser off automatically when the device is not perfectly level. This gives you a quick and obvious signal that the surface is not straight. The unit is ready for any harsh environment or busy job site. The case is rugged and robust. It is IP54 rated as dust proof and splash resistant.

This leveler contains a class II laser. Its pulse technology makes the unit perfectly suitable for use inside or outdoors. Dust and splash proof protections can be locked down, making it almost indestructible while transporting the unit to and from your work place. A sturdy carry pouch, batteries, target plate and magnetic multi-function adapter are all included. The floor and wall bracket allows for easy mounting for hands-free measurements.


Rugged build.
Five laser projection.
Versatile tool.


At only 50 ft., the range could be longer.


Bosch Self-Leveling 5-Point Alignment Laser GCL 25

This is the second model from Bosch on our list and it shares many features with the GPL 3. Like that model, it is a rugged, durable tool that should last you for a lifetime of use. Five easy-to-see lasers make this unit versatile and perfect for multipurpose functions. It also features a cross-line for two in one laser use. A combination horizontal and vertical levels, a square, layout applications and plumb transfer are all included.

One great aspect to this model is how easy it is to use. It features a simple one-button operation mode. Everything is built to be intuitive and user friendly. The unit locks for protection when not in use. Like the previous Bosch model, it is also a self-leveling unit. The laser is turned off if the unit ceases to be level. A BM1 Positioning Device makes setups easy and accurate too. Measuring distances can be quickly and precisely dialed in with micro adjustments. Adjustable feet even allow you to use the device in a tripod mode. This is a class IIA laser with 1 mW power output.


Rugged Build.
Versatile tool.
Easy to use.


Some may consider the mounting brackets big and clunky.
The lasers are not as bright as they should be when outdoors.


Huepar 9211G

One of the first differences you’ll see with this model from Huepar is the green color of the laser. The laser is unusually bright. This makes it very easy to see from far away and even in bright, outdoor lighting conditions. This is yet another self-leveling unit. It combines up points and the plumb with a cross-line. It provides two points and cross-line for two-in-one functionality. This hybrid tool has all of the features of Huepar’s point-to-point plumb and their laser-line tool. This makes for one versatile tool for any builder or contractor.

This model features extra-long laser lines for maximum range. This class II 510-530nm laser product is also extremely accurate. The leveler is accurate to 1/9th of an inch at 33 ft. The down point accuracy is the same and the up point measurements will have an accuracy of 1/13th of an inch at 33 ft. The casing is not the most robust of the units on our list, but it is covered with a soft rubber, which should repel damage from short drops.


Great quality and value.
Green laser is easy to see in any light conditions.
Extra long laser lines and overall range.


Less robust than some alternatives.
Eats up batteries quickly.


Dewalt DW083K 3-Beam Laser Pointer

This offering from Dewalt is another self-leveling laser device. It is highly accurate, up to 1/4 of an inch at 100 ft. It features a single-lever power switch that automatically locks the pendulum when off, and a pivoting bracket that is magnetic. You can easily attach the device to metal surfaces while you use it. The laser is highly focused. This means the dot will stay smaller even at long distances. The smaller the dot, the brighter it will be. Brighter means easier to see even when in broad daylight outside.

Top and bottom track installation is fast and easy. This is all due to the integrated track clearance of the unit. The outer shell of the level is tough and durable. It should stand up just find to rough use for years to come. It comes with a nice kit box that can store the unit along with a few extras too. The Dewalt level provides long battery life and runs off of four AA batteries.


Super accurate readings.
Easy to see laser dot.
Self leveling and auto shutoff.


Not as water resistant as some models.


Johnson Level & Tool 40-6646

This self-leveling laser has two plumb dots and one level dot. It can fire off three lasers at once, up, down and to the front to check the plumb and level. The unit has one of the best compensating systems of any level on the market. It stabilizes the pendulum quickly. The unit is extremely accurate and even stays level with area vibrations that are common to many job sites.

A locking mechanism helps to protect the internal parts of this device. A handy status light is located on the top of the device so you can see if the unit is out of range. This level features clearance for all of the common track materials used with drywall. The device is suitable for use either indoors or outside. It is great for flooring, cabinet making, stud installation, tiling and more. This model uses a class II laser with a 1mW power output.


High quality and good value.
Very durable construction.
Versatile tool.


Less features than some models.


Amston Professional Cross Line Laser Level

This laser level from Amston represents great value for the cost. You get a plumb dot tool as well as a horizontal and vertical cross-line level in one convenient unit. One nice thing about this tool is that it is light and smaller in size than many comparable models. This makes it easy to transport. It has an excellent accuracy rating of .12″ at 50 ft. This tool is built for heavy use and abuse with a rugged, durable housing.

This tool comes with a carry pouch and magnetic mounting bracket. Four lines of leveling make this unit the perfect tool for wall studs, hanging, drop ceilings, floors, windows, doors and more. Heavy duty brackets make sure that the level stays clamped to wherever you need it to be. A handy warning light lets you know when the unit is in automatic leveling mode or when it is locked.


Two tools for the price of one.
Extremely accurate.
Fast self leveling.


Doesn’t have the brightest laser.


Dewalt DW085LG 12V 5 Spot Green Laser

Dewalt is a company that is known for its quality tools. The DW085LG is the second model from Dewalt to make it onto this list. One of the things that makes this particular laser level different is the power source. Instead of conventional batteries, this unit has a built-in 12.5 volt rechargeable battery. The benefit to this is that it will save you tons on battery costs. The downside is that you have to wait until it charges again once the power is drained, instead of just swapping out the batteries. It can be difficult to find a replacement once it stops holding a charge too. Still, the benefits mostly outweigh any negatives with this setup.

This leveler has up, down, forward and side-to-side plumb dots. It is IP65 rated for durability even in the face of wet or dusty workplace environments. It has a range of up to 100 ft. The battery and charger are both included with the unit.


Highly visible green dot laser.
Rugged, over-molded housing.
Very accurate.
Rechargeable battery.


Rechargeable battery is mostly a pro, but can be a hassle when you finally need to replace it.



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