Best Grout Removal Tool Reviews For 2022

Grout removal is a common event in most households and even in construction jobs. Whether you’re a construction professional or just an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will likely come across the need to use a grout removal tool. If you intend to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or some other parts of a building with tiles, you might find that removing grout is the most difficult part.

What is Grout?

Grout is made using water, sand and cement, which hardens after some time and forms a solid rock-like material. Basically, it is the plaster or glue between tiles. The strength of the material is one of the reasons why it is highly used, since it prevents tiles from shifting.


Why Remove Grout?

After a prolonged time in use, grout can become badly cracked, permanently stained, or even crumble out of the joints. Subsequently, you are left with no better alternative than to regrout. However, in order to do that, you have to remove all the grout that already exists between the tiles.

Adequate knowledge and skills on how to remove grout can assist you save a lot in terms of time and money that you would otherwise pay a contractor.


Importance of Using Grout Removal Tools

The task of removing grout can be a small or large job. A small job might mean only a few square feet. On the other hand, a large job can be about 30 square feet or more. You can carry out small grout removal jobs using simple implements like an exacto or ordinary utility knife, or a standard razor blade.

However, larger grout removal jobs require the use of specialized tools. Some of the benefits of using grout removal tools include:

  • They make the task much easier and manageable
  • Save you time since you will be able to complete the job faster
  • Maintains the appearance of a professionally done job; you will be able to remove the grout without harming the tiles
  • You can use the tool more than once

Depending on the volume or expanse of damaged grout, coupled with the width of the joints filled with the material, there are several types of tools that you can consider for ordinary use. The grout removal tools can either be electric or manually (hand) powered. The electric grout removal tools fall into two main categories, namely:

1. Oscillating multi-tools – these have oscillating blades, which move back and forth when removing grout

2. Rotary tools – these grout removers have a rotating blade that crushes and removes grout. Grinders fall into this category. Rotary tools are ideal for small-scale jobs


Some of the best grout removal tools in the market today include:

Dremel 568 Grout Removal Kit

One of the leading designs in the market, Dremel 568 grout removal kit might be your ideal tool for small grout jobs in the house. The grout removal bit easily fits on the front of a Dremel rotary tool. The kit is compact, making it easy to handle while removing wall or floor grout.


  • Features special guides that balance and center the bit between the tiles.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Has a 1/16-inch carbide bit
  • Can be used with multiple rotary models, including 275, 285, 395, 781, and 398
  • Features depth adjustment controls, enabling you to cut up to a depth of 33/8” below the surface
  • Maintains a 30-degree cutting angle, offering precise cutting along the grout line


  • The kit might hinder light. making it difficult to cut precisely along the grout line
  • Users have complained of bits that break easily


Hyde Tools, Inc. Hyde 19500 Regrout Tool 3-Speed Electric Grout Remover

If you are looking for a dedicated and tough grout remover, Hyde 19500 might be your answer yet. The model features unique features such as an 8-foot power cord allowing you to work on a sizable surface area. The grout remover is also built to last several hours while working without the risk of overheating.


  • Removes an inch of grout every second irrespective of the surface upon which the tiles are mounted
  • Effective on non-sanded and sanded grout
  • Features 2 carbide tips; a chisel tip for the deeper areas and a pointed tip for the ordinary grout line.
  • Features three speed control which allows you to adjust for precision and speed needed for deco-insert tiles, V-caps, liners, and quarter-round corners among others


  • Relatively loud
  • Bit might break
  • Some people find it a little difficult to use; adjusting right speed and depth


Edward Tools Grout Removal Tool – Tempered alloy steel blade

Edward Tools grout removal alloy steel blade is a hand tool designed with simplicity but for efficiency and durability. The blade is made using alloy steel, hence making it capable of removing grout even from the tightest gaps. You can also replace the blades if they become dull.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Tough steel alloy that enhance durability of the tool
  • Simple to use
  • Angled design makes grout removal less tasking


  • Some users have complained that the teeth wore off easily when subjected to very hard or rough grout
  • Hand tool that relies on your physical strength to do the job
  • Might not be ideal for large grout jobs


FOCCTS 12PCS Tile Joint Tool Grout Removal

FOCCTS is a hand grout removal tool that comes in 12 pcs. You might worry that the kit has several blades due to poor quality. However, that is not the case; FOCCTS has designed this grout removal hand tool such that you can also use it to scrape off caulking edges. You can use the implement on all surfaces whether in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom among other places.


  • Great for detailed work since it uses the tip; can remove grout, thinset, caulking, surface residue and mortar among other things
  • Features a curved ergonomic handle that it easy to maneuver, reduce fatigue, and adjust direction with ease
  • Comes with 10 pieces of reversible replacement blades; this increases the durability and value of the kit
  • You can replace the cutter head where appropriate for the space that you are cleaning or removing grout


  • Hand tool relies on your physical strength for energy
  • Might not be ideal for large grout jobs


Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool, Tool Only

Makita is a globally renowned company for their versatile, highly innovative and durable products. The XMT03Z LXT multi-tool lives up to the company’s reputation. Just as the name implies, the multi-tool is powerful, versatile, and suitable for various tasks such as grouting removal, scraping, sanding, and cutting among others. If you are a remodeler, plumber, wood floor installer or any other general contractor with the need for a grout remover, this tool will not let you down.


  • Works with a variety of turning and oscillating hence you can use it for other purposes after removing grout
  • Features soft start and variable speed allowing you to adjust the tool for your particular needs
  • Cordless and uses Li-Ion batteries that lasts up to 20 minutes-feature allows for flexibility and usage in a larger surface area
  • Barrel grip has a small diameter that improves your grip
  • Features a large off/on, coupled with a lock-on button that allows you to work without pressing the on button all the time
  • Compact and light thus cannot tire you easily even after long use


  • The duration the battery lasts is relatively short
  • Tends to raise much dust in comparison to some other grout removal tools


Oscillating Tool, Tacklife PMT03B 20V Max Cordless Multifunctional Tool

Tacklife PMT03B is a versatile work of art that combines versatility, durability, productivity, and reliability with almost no compromises. The multifunctional tool is ideal for both large and small grout removal jobs. You might find this tool more than ideal if you want something that you can use more than once and in different tasks.


  • Features 6-variable speed of up to 16 000 RPM and adjustable to suit your particular grout removal needs
  • Feature a universal fit system meaning that you can use other accessories with the tool, including different blades for grout removal or other tasks
  • Utilizes interchangeable batteries that charge to full within just one hour. This enhances the adaptability and portability of the tool and means you can remove grout in various places conveniently even without power supply
  • Outstanding ergonomics; grip handles have soft rubber overmold coupled with counterweight design to increase handling efficiency and comfort while working
  • Oscillation angle of 3 degree enables application of the tool in various tasks including removing grout on the floor and walls


  • Need to take some time to understand the various controls and applications of the tool for optimum results


ABN Carbide Tip Grout Removal Hand Tool, Soft Grip & Reversible Triangle Blade for Detail Work

The ABN Carbide Tip grout removal tool is a simple hand tool that performs wonderfully for small jobs. The tool is also an excellent supplementary for power multi-function tools, since you can easily reach into cracks, stubborn areas, and tight corners where other grout removers cannot reach.


  • Very simple to use
  • Feature a reversible carbide tip with six sharp edge for carving out grout; the feature also enhances durability of the tool
  • Features a soft grip that improves handling and reduces fatigue
  • Small and compact, thus capable of reaching places or edges that larger grout removal tool cannot


  • Handle tool not suitable for large grout removing jobs since you rely on your effort or physical strength to break the grout
  • If you exert too much effort on the tool you might end up with chipped tiles


Best Tech tile Grout Remover Cleaning Tool set, Two kinds of 4blades in1 Carbide Steel Tile Groove Grout Cleaner

Best Tech presents you a new generation hand grout remover with the functionality and sophistication resembling those of multi-function tools. The hand grout cleaner features carbide tungsten tips with an outstanding degree of hardness and durability. Interestingly, the tips can be pushed forward or pulled back depending on your preference and how they are hooked.


  • Features two kinds of 4 in 1 varying size 1-4 mm carbide tungsten steel head suitable for all grout removal purposes; fits all widths between tiles
  • Very practical and convenient
  • Quartet solid design means you can push or pull the tool to remove grout
  • Unique design and sophisticated look, characterized by multi-function multi-standard powerful practicality enhancing the efficiency of the tool


  • Not suitable for large grout removing jobs
  • Hand tool which efficiency relies largely on your physical effort


Removing Grout

The grout applied to fill joints between tiles is normally soft, porous and easy to stain. Consequently, you might wonder whether removal is the only best solution. Although you can use some chemical agents to clean grout, in extreme cases the best solution is to remove it and apply it afresh (regrout). Removing the grout is the only way that you restore it to the new-like condition that you cannot attain by cleaning.

Since you already have a view of the various tools that you can use to remove grout, you need to understand which tools are suitable for your needs. First, if you are working on a small job that features about only ¼ inch or narrower between tiles, hand tools can perform adequately. All you need to do is just pull or push the carbide tip along the tile joint and scrape off the grout.

Assuming you are working on a large grout removing task such as regrouting an entire floor (25-sqaure feet or more), or grout joints with a width greater than ¼ inch, you should choose one of the powered tools for the job. Your choice of an electric grouting tool should be informed by various factors, including the performance, ease of use, reliability and handling of the tool among others.



Regardless of the grout removal tool that you decide to use, ensure that you know what you are doing otherwise you will destroy the tiles. Additionally, once you remove the grout, clean out the joints using a stiff and bristle nylon brush or else scrub off all the grit, dust and loose debris. Use a dry or wet vacuum after scrubbing the joints to ensure that they are completely clean. After that, you are set to regrout the tile joints until the next time such a need arises.

Overall, here is a summary of the steps that you should follow to remove grout and regrout your tiled wall or floor:

1. Acquire the needed tools
2. Put on protective gear, especially goggles and gloves
3. Use the selected grout removal tool to carry out the job
4. Scrape out the grout using selected hand tools
5. Use a vacuum to ensure the edges are completely free of grout, debris and other unwanted materials
6. Prepare a new mixture of grout
7. Re-grout


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