Best Laser Level For Home Use – 2022 Reviews

A great addition to any toolbox, a quality laser level is a handy tool for many projects. Hanging pictures, wallpaper, and cabinets are only a few things that a laser line can help you hang in a straight line. Not only are there a ton of uses for a laser level when you are on a job site, but it comes in handy for many do-it-yourself projects at home. Here are some tips on what to look for in the best laser line for home use and some reviews to help you get started shopping for just the right laser level for you.


Laser Level For Home Use Buying Guide

Line Types


Projects that only need a horizontal line can use a more basic and lower end laser level that emits only a single horizontal line.

Dual Line

Also known as a cross line, higher end dual line laser levels emit a dual laser pattern that projects both a vertical and horizontal line. This helps to establish a better reference point when you are leveling an object, plus with dual beam levels, it can also be used as a plumb when it is pointed at either the ceiling or floor.


Leveling Types

Manual Leveling

Adjusted by hand, the laser beam on a manual leveling laser uses either integrated bubble levels or thumbscrews. This type of leveling is becoming less common among laser levels and is normally found on lower end models.


Continuously adjusting themselves, a self-leveling laser level will keep leveling until they are true or you will see them blinking to indicate that they are out of alignment. You will find that most mid-range and higher end laser levels have a self-leveling or automatic laser system which is not quite the same thing. The difference is in the mechanism t used to perform the leveling function with a self-leveling system using a built-in pendulum that dials in the laser and an automatic-leveling laser that uses a set of electronic servos that performs the leveling process.



Depending on the type of projects you are working on, some jobs require more accurate measurements than others. When you are laying tile or hanging custom cabinets, you need more precision while framing a wall can withstand being off a little bit. Lower range laser levels will probably be off a little more than the higher end cross-line laser levels that are usually more accurate at about one-eighth of an inch at about 30 feet. You will need to perform some maintenance to keep your laser line at maximum accuracy and perform a periodic built-in calibration function.

Ease of Use

You will find that many laser levels will come with just a couple of buttons while others are packed with features that need to have the setting reconfigured every time you use it. In many cases, having fewer buttons can be better with less to break or mess up. Most importantly consider what features you prefer like power level indicator, out-of-level indicator, and self-leveling functionality and make sure they are easy to use.



Most of the time, it is very safe to operate a laser level, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The biggest concerns of a laser level are making sure that the laser does not make direct contact with your skin or eyes and any risk of fire. The fire risk is only a real concern when you get into the Class 3 power spectrum when you have a laser that is powerful enough to start a fire, so you need to make sure it is never pointed into a combustible or flammable material for any period of time. And any time you use a laser, always err on the side of caution and don’t make direct eye contact or expose your skin to the laser.



With pretty sensitive parts, a laser level is a very fragile tool. Even if the manufacturer advertises that the laser level can withstand being dropped, you should still handle it like any other expensive electronics that you own. Also keep in mind what environment you will be using your laser level in and if it is wet or dusty, look for a laser level with an IP-rated enclosure.


Best Laser Level for Home Use Reviews

Bosch Laser Level and Square GTL2

The versatile Bosch Laser Level and Square GTL2 has an accuracy of up to ½ inch at thirty feet. It projects a vertical and horizontal chalk line on any type of surface up to thirty feet so you can align, square, and angle at ninety degrees. This convenient tool includes an alignment guide for a 90-degree layout and can calculate and turn angle in increments of five degrees.

This user-friendly tool features one-button operation of two perpendicular laser lines, plus it has a push button to secure it to a smooth surface using an adhesive that is non-abrasive. This is a great tool for hanging cabinets or marking studs and comes with two adhesive mounting strips.


Perfect to mark studs or hang cabinets
Can use outside with no problems
Very accurate that is very handy


Vertical position is only as accurate as the bubble levels
Only a little better than a straight edge



The compact and self-leveling HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Line Laser is a cross line laser that comes with a mounting clamp that is adjustable. It can project a bight cross, vertical, and horizontal green lines in light or dark settings onto a flat surface with an accuracy of ±1/4 inch at thirty feet. With the ability to self-level within four degrees of level, you also get an LED indicator that will turn red when it is set up of its self-leveling range.

The mounting clamps are easy to adjust and will attach to a wide range of surfaces making the tool very versatile, plus it can be mounted to any ¼ inch threaded tripod screw. The HAMMERHEAD HLCLG01 Line Laser includes a lock mode that is convenient when projecting lines for a straight alignment like stair railings. This is a great tool for wall studding, tile alignment, doors, and windows.


Really useful and handy tool
Great for projecting lines
Good tool for a homeowner


Not bright enough for outdoor use
The clamp is difficult to open


PLS Laser Level Tool

Designed for interior projects, the Pacific Laser Systems Laser Level is perfect for the layout of lines and control points producing five bright beams that all square to each other. This tool allows you to layout reference points quickly and plumb instantly from ceiling to floor or fifty feet off the ground. Faster than bubble vials, the self-leveling unit is automatic with the ability to self-level to within six degrees and has an accuracy of +/-1/8 inch at 100 feet.

With stable and clear reference points, you can work both inside and out since the PLS Laser Level Tool can also be used by professionals and works well as a versatile construction laser. This is a lightweight, durable, and compact laser level that will save you money and time when compared to its rotary and bubble vial competitors. It also includes a carrying case, floor stand, pouch, wall bracket, and pendulum layout target.


A handy tool that is easy to use and set up
Very accurate compared to competitors
Save you a lot of time


Needs brighter beams to use outside during the day
The beams need to be offset
It is almost a great unit if only:


Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Perfect for any job that needs accurate measurement or a straight line, the Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is great for hanging wallpaper, laying flooring, installing shelving, and hanging pictures. With an eight-foot tape measure, you also get metric and imperial linear measurements with 1mm and 1/32 inch graduations. Along with the tape measure, you also get a leveling bubble that you can triple position as well as a laser level that is accurate to +/-2mm at 10 and 25 meters.

Perfect for indoor measurements, this plug and play tool is ideal for leveling nails or measuring spots on a wall. The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level also comes with a backup battery for extra convenience.


Easy to use and it is hard to mess up
Very functional and works perfectly
Great locking mechanism


Bubble levels aren’t very precise
Fine at home use but not for professional use


Bosch Line Laser GLL 30

Projecting two lines, the Bosch GLL 30 Line Laser projects two lines to create a cross-line projection that can be used for a wide variety of align and level uses. This is a versatile tool that does more than a normal line laser since it gives you one-switch operation and incredible accuracy. Making your work accurate and fast, these lasers are visible up to thirty feet and are accurate up to 5/16 inches.

It also features the Smart Pendulum System that not only self-levels but will also indicate if you have an out-of-level condition that will help to guarantee that you have a correct layout while locking the lines at any angle. When the pendulum system locks, you can be assured of being able to transport your tool securely while the MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device gives you micro-fine height adjustment so you can clamp it onto any surface.


Nice quality and durable tool
Lasers are really bright
Nice automatic shut off


The clamp is poorly designed


ADA Cube 360 Home Edition, Laser Level

With a tilt mode so you can work on any surface, the ADA Cube 360 emits a 360-degree beam of light horizontally from the top of the unit. This allows you to have a complete level marker for a whole room, plus there is another beam that is emitted vertically from the front. These two beams will intersect on the primary surface at a 90-degree angle and you are able to project both of the laser beams onto a surface up to twenty meters away.
You can attach the ADA Cube 360 to a trip or a wall mount, and it has a ribbed surface so it is easier to handle. It has a heavy-duty casing and rubber parts to guarantee that the laser level stays durable and strong in any weather condition. With the tilt mode, you work at any angle with the laser which is great if you have a surface that is sloped.


Great for DIY projects
Can give you a 360-degree beam horizontally
Has a tilt mode that is really handy




AdirPro Cube Laser Level

Featuring a pendulum level, the AdirPro Cube is a self-leveling unit that has a vertical accuracy range within four inches. It also has a working range of up to 230 feet, depending on the illumination of your work area. It can generate two separate line beams from 532nm laser diodes with accuracy within ±3mm at up to ten meters.
This practical and compact laser level easily fits in your pocket and is made with a hard-plastic housing and a ribbed rubber casing to protect it from drops and scratches. Both vertical and horizontal laser beams cover 360 degrees allowing you to create layouts that intersect at a right angle. This is a great product to use when hanging wallpaper, pictures, and shelves.

The AdirPro Cube Laser Levels uses a quick pendulum self-leveling system with both beams leveled through the same pendulum. Plus, it has a locking system that guarantees that the compensator will not shift from vibrations during transportation. It does come threaded for a tripod mount and works in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Easy to use, works well indoors
The beam is legible and crisp
Nice quality of measurements


Johnson Self-Leveling Laser Level

Easy to use, the Johnson Self-Leveling Laser Level simply turns on and projects one vertical and one horizontal laser line simultaneously on your wall. This laser level is easy to mount to the included tripod, set angles, and dial in the correct height. It also has a base with a protractor scale allowing you to set an angle anywhere 0 to 360.

After establishing a reference line, you can eliminate the need to make multiple measurements when installing cabinets, shelving, or electrical boxes. Your layout jobs will be more accurate and faster, plus the Johnson Laser Level comes with laser enhancement glasses that help to increase the visibility of a beam when you are in high ambient lighting. The included tripod telescopes with the center column extended to 47 inches.

This laser level has accuracy within +/-6 degrees and includes an indicator that tells you when you are out of level. The easy to see laser is powerful enough to give you an interior range of up to 100 feet. The Johnson Self-Leveling Laser Levels is great for common jobs like HVAC, plumbing walls, installing electrical fixtures, and tiling.


Nice distance on the beam
Comes with a tripod and hard case
Head of the unit can spin freely


The lightweight tripod that tips easily
Tripod isn’t tall enough


If you think a laser level is only good for the job site, think again. A quality laser level is a great addition to any home toolbox and can be used for tons of projects at home. Make sure to do your homework and look for a laser level that has the functions and capabilities to help you with all the projects you have planned.


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