Best Laser Measure Reviews and Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Laser measures are a really helpful tool for the professional or the everyday handy man to have in order to get the best measurement for different types of projects. These types of measure produce a very accurate starting point for construction workers to begin their work. Real estate agents are another group of people that heavily rely on laser measures because they have to have accurate measurements when trying to sell a home by telling their customers the right measurements of the rooms.


What is a Laser Measure?

A laser tape measure is a tool that helps a person doing a measurement, measure the length easily. The measure shoots a laser beam from the starting point in a straight line to help the person mark down the correct length. These measures are extremely helpful for a variety of craft projects and bigger construction jobs and usually give a very accurate measurement. Because of how easy they are to use, amateurs as well as professionals both can benefit from the tools.


What are they used for?

Laser tape measures can be used for a variety of reasons. From measuring the perfect spot for a shelf, to measuring the right length to cut a doorframe for a house, the uses for these tape measures are endless and easy. Most laser tape measures are used indoors and don’t require a long range of measurement. Laser tape measures are also used on the construction site, when general contractors need to get measurements quickly and accurately. Some laser measures can record up to 25,000 measurements at one time, which is perfect for the professional contractor who is measuring on a daily basis.


Who are they recommended for?

Laser tape measures are so easy to use, that really anyone can use them. Even the person who doesn’t really know much about measuring and construction can still be able to use the laser measure by simply following the directions that come with the device. Laser measures can be used on the construction site for many measurement at a time. They can also be used at home for many different household projects such as mending things or just adding decorative things to your walls.


What Features Should you Look for?

When purchasing a laser tape measure, it’s important to have a pretty good idea of what the measure will be used for in order to get the perfect one for your needs. If you plan on using the laser measure for home projects, you may not need one with a long laser range, and you may want to buy one that is more affordable than a high-end model. However, if you are a professional, and you will use the laser tape measure on a daily basis, it might be of importance for you to have the higher-end model versus a lower-end one so that you can record a lot of measurements at one time. You should look for a model that can measure long distances and is compact enough to be able to fit either in your pocket or on your tool belt.


Best Laser Measures Reviewed

Here are nine of the best laser tape measures on the market today. Some of these models are high-end and some are considered low-end, making them more affordable. These reviews will certainly help you choose which model would be best suited for your needs.

1. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure 196Ft M/In/Ft Mute Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels, Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode

The Tacklife laser measure is made out of rubber and features two bubbles for a higher accuracy rating. This tape measure has a range of 196 feet and can be changed between different units on measurement quickly, going between feet, to inches, and meters. This measure is very compact and fits easily in the palm of your hand. There is a dust cover that comes with the measure to help protect the device from some of the elements associated with a construction site.

The large LCD light helps you be able to read the measurement even in the lowest light conditions as well. Tacklife helps with the calculations as well with this laser measure, by helping convert area and volumes. The laser measure also helps with addition and subtraction too. The unit even helps calculate minimum and maximum values as well. This is all for assistance purposes to improve work efficiency. This model is perfect for home use and construction use because of the different ability to switch from different modes of measurements quickly. This model runs off of triple A batteries and also comes with a portable bag and a hand strap. There is also a warranty offered for up to 24 months.


2. Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Distance Measure, 165-Feet GLM165-40

The Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Measure features a long range measuring and measures with extreme accuracy and measures up to 165 feet and is accurate within one sixteenth of an inch. The model includes the ability to do addition and subtraction and uses digital levels. With a simple push of a button, the unit begins measuring. The GLM165-40 is compact enough to fit in a pocket and features a backlight color display that allows you to measure anything even in the darkest room.

The unit measures in real-life time and will adjust itself as you move the monitor from one place to another. The Blaze Pro also features a pretty unique feature called Auto Square, which is used to automatically calculate the square footage with just a simple push of a button. This laser tape measure is also very durable and made to withstand many different jobsite conditions such as heavy raining or lots of dust. This would be a really great option for both amateurs and professionals alike.


3. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 196 Ft Digital Laser Tape Measure with Mute Function, Pythagorean Mode

Tacklife has created another great laser measuring tape. This model of measuring tape has a high accuracy rating with accuracy up to one sixteenth of an inch. The measuring tape can measure ranges up to 196 feet and can be switched between different units of measurement very easily. The laser measure can switch between meters, inches and feet and is completely free to switch between the units. The laser tape measure comes complete with an LCD backlight and a mute setting, providing you with a great visibility in the darkest settings and the mute allows you to turn the button noises off and on, in case you are working in a classroom setting or a library.

The tape measure is awesome for measure all types of units of measurement including area, distance, volume, and continuous measurement, length, and Pythagorean method-three points. The model can also accomplish addition and subtraction, making it easier on you to ensure that the measurements are correct. This model is also durable and waterproof, meaning that you get the maximum extend of production from this laser tape measure. Its portable size and hard rubber body provide the customer with an awesome grip, and the accompanying wrist strap helps you hold the meter steady while getting the accurate measurement that is needed.

Tacklife backs this laser tape measure with a 24 month warranty, so it can be easily replaced if it is damaged or broken. Tacklife also includes lots of awesome accessories to go with the measure itself, including a user’s manual, a belt clip, and hand strap, and a gift box. This would be an awesome gift for a professional or just a regular handy person around the house.


4. BEVA 131Feet Digital Distance Meter with Large LCD Backlit Mute Function, (40M)

The BEVA laser tape measure is one that has precision accuracy with their measurements. The accurate measurements between distances can range up to 131 feet and is correct up to 2 millimeters. This model of laser tape measure makes measuring look easy with the quickness of the measurements. BEVA’s model can measure distance, square, and cubic measurements, as well as continuous measurements. This model of laser tape measure has a Pythagorean mode, which is used for areas that cannot directly be measured concretely.

BEVA’s digital distance meter can switch between different units of measurement easily with a simple push of a button – going from meters to inches to feet has never been so easy! The unit comes with a large LCD backlight display, allowing measuring to take place anywhere at any time. This intelligent design that BEVA has come up with for this model allows for a mute setting, for measuring in indoor areas where you must be quiet. There is a memory function that will record the last 20 measurements that were measured, which is a great resource if you have to measure the same place twice or if you are putting more of one thing in the same area, you already know the measurement that you will need.

This laser tape measure is waterproof and dust-proof and the exterior will protect the interior laser to the maximum. Also, this laser tape measure is so convenient to use in larger areas like buildings and playgrounds, where multiple people need to know what the accurate measurement is. There are also different versions of this model to accommodate those that need a longer range of measurement accuracy.


5. DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer

DEWALT is a name that many construction agencies and handymen have trusted for many years, so it’s no surprise that their laser tape measure is highly rated among others that are on the same market. Their laser tape measure can automatically calculate area and volume. This helps makes job estimates more accurate and easy so that the job can get finished faster. This laser tape measure features an indirect height measurement that uses the Pythagorean modes to measure the distance between point A and point B when these said points are not available for a linear measurement.

The laser tape measure has a memory unit that records the last five measures taken, which is less than some others on the market, but still a plus nonetheless. DEWALT’s laser tape measure has a two-line backlight display which assists in helping you be able to measure in very dark places or even in brighter conditions as well. The operating range for this laser tape measure is about 165 feet and it is accurate to one sixteenth of an inch. Since this product is made by DEWALT, you know that the product is durable and will be able to sustain pretty much anything that the elements will put it up against. This will be a really great laser tape measure for professionals and for projects that need to be done around the house as well.


6. URCERI Laser Measure 131ft, Digital Laser Distance Meter with Mute Function, LCD Backlit Display and Bubble Levels, Battery Included

URCERI’s laser tape measure is another measure that is high performance and highly accurate. This unit has a measuring range up to 13 feet and is accurate up to two millimeters. This unit uses bubbles on the side of its design to help make sure that the measurement that you are getting is as accurate as possible. This laser tape measure is capable of switching between different units of measurement quickly and easily with completely accurate information. This laser tape measure can calculate distance, area, minimum and maximum, volume, as well as addition and subtraction.

This device will calculate the Pythagoras continuous movements, great for those measurements that you need to write down, but they are not easy to calculate because they are not linear. You can easily measure higher level measurements such as ceilings, without the dangers of having to climb a ladder to get the needed measurement. It is important to note that this tape measure is a class two laser product, meaning that you should never look directly at the laser beam itself, because your eyes can be severely damaged.

This unit comes with intelligent technology featuring a mute button for use when you are in quiet areas or just do not want to hear the button noises. This can be accomplished with a simple touch of one button. URCERI’s design of this laser measuring tape is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect edition to any tool belt and durable enough to be used in any of the elements.


7. Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, 65-Feet GLM 20

The Bosch Compact Blaze Laser is another great choice of a laser tape measure. This tape measure is really accurate, within an eighth of an inch, and can measure distances up to 65 feet. This compact laser measuring tape can measure several different units of measurement including meters, inches, and feet by simply pushing one button located on the front of the device. This tape measure is so compact that it can fit easily in any pocket or toolbox. This device using live measuring, meaning that as you move the device to one area to the other, the device will change how the measurement is calculated.

The display features a backlight screen that is bright, perfect for when you need to measure in a somewhat darker area, or even in extreme sunlight, you can brighten the screen to be able to see outside. Using this laser tape measure is just another way to eliminate guesswork and to heighten accuracy on the jobsite.


8. Laser Distance Measure, ieGeek 131ft Handheld M/In/Ft Laser Distance Meter Measuring Device Laser Tape Measure Rangefinder, Self-Calibration

ieGeek as a company is known for outstanding accuracy when using their products. This laser tape measure is no exception to this “rule.” This device is highly accurate between two millimeters of measurement and has a wide measuring range between half of a meter to 40 meters. This laser tape measure also features a great self-calibrating feature, which helps make sure that you are getting exactly the right measurement every time. This unit can switch between different unites of measurement quickly and easily. Its easy targeting feature is perfect for larger scale rooms such as apartment buildings and other indoor usage. The design of this laser tape measure makes it lightweight and portable and a perfect give for any of the handymen or women in your life.


9. TACKLIFE S3-100 PRO Laser Measure 328Ft Laser Distance Meter with 2.25″ Large Backlit LCD Display

Tacklife is a great company that puts a lot of thought into their different technologies and they are really keen on accuracy. This device has a large window just perfect for the laser to have a more stable measuring area, which in turn equals more accuracy. The unit is so accurate down to a sixteenth of an inch. This device can calculate between different units of measurement quickly and easily by just pushing a button. The device can calculate meters, feet, and inches. The unit can calculate 30 different measurements and records them for future use. The device will shut down after a certain amount of non-use, which saves battery life and helps for more ability to use during the project.

The range of measurement is really high – 328 feet to be exact. The LCD screen measures about 2.25 inches and makes it really easy to see the measurements that you need. The device can also self-calibrate, which makes using the laser measure so much easier. This laser measure would be perfect for either a professional or the regular handyman.


Final Thought

Laser tape measures help make any project easier. They are super affordable and super easy to use. They help ensure that you are getting an accurate measurement at all times, and help you finish your project faster than ever before. Check out these different laser tape measures and see which one is right for you.


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