Best Oscillating Tool Blades Reviews – 2022

Oscillating Tools are high-end power tools that do many jobs during construction and remodeling. These tools are used widely for cutting, sanding, removing grout, filing grout, and many other jobs. Oscillating tools can be ready to accomplish a new task with a simple change of a blade. They are optimal for getting repair jobs completed quickly and easily.


Different Types of Oscillating Tool Blades

With oscillating tool blades, there are different types of blades for each different job that is needing to be completed. These blades make many jobs on the construction site or remodeling site much easier in just a matter of a few minutes.

Polishing blades

These are used during the end stage of your project. These blades are equipped with felt or fleece to buff off any scratches and put the final touches on the project.

Cutting blades

These are used obviously to cut different materials. These blades were designed to cut through thick or thin materials and are used to create different designed inside of the materials as well. These blades can also be used to cut softer materials as well.

Sawing blades

Sawing blades are designed to cut to pieces of materials. They are also very useful because they prevent you from having to take out the saw every time you need to cut something. By simply changing the blade, you prevent wasting time and energy by grabbing the other tool.

Sanding blades

These are another essential blade accessory for oscillating multi-tools to help smooth out any rough areas. These blades came in different versions like round and triangular to accommodate different areas of the jobsite like odd shaped areas that are big or smaller.

Grout Removal blades

These are broken up into two different categories, carbide edge blades and diamond edged blades. They both help make getting grout out a lot easier, but the different blades are for different areas. Carbide ones are used to work on softer materials like sealants, but diamond ones are used for more durable, harder materials.

Rasping blades

Rasping blades are blades that are used to get access to different areas – they tear through the material to get to what’s underneath. They come in different shapes – finger, round and triangular – and work best on rough surfaces like concrete and wood.

Scraping blades

These are made in both soft and firm blade types, and are used depending on the type of material that you are working with.


How are Oscillating Blades Used and why are they Useful?

Oscillating tool blades are very useful on the jobsite because they make the overall project easier to finish. Since these tools are made to have the blades changed out to perform certain jobs, it means that you are able to work with one tool the entire project, which saves time and energy. There’s no need have multiple tools with you on the site, needing to be plugged in and changed out every couple of minutes. By just simply changing the blades and not changing out the entire tool itself, this means that you can get back to the project faster and complete the project in record time.

Maintaining Your Blades

Of course, having many different blades to one tool means that they are all probably going to be used at one point and that they are all going to get somewhat dirty. It is important to keep the blades clean and free of any dust or dirt that could potentially make them become not able to complete their job. Make sure that your blades are sharpened on a regular basis and that the machine is cleaned after every usage. Cleaning the machine will keep your oscillating tool and its blades working in tip-top condition.


Best Oscillating Tool Blades Reviews

There are many different oscillating tool blades kits and sets available on the market. Most of these kits come with several different blades and are made to help you complete your job easily and accurately. Here are 10 different kits that are worth checking out if you are searching for the best oscillating tool blades for your project.

1. INTEGRA 20pc Mix Saw Wood Bi-metal Precision Pack Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blade

The INTEGRA Bi-metal Precision Pack is a great combination of made different blades for different oscillating tools. This pack of 20 blades are great for many different brands of oscillating tools, such as Black & Decker, DeWalt, and Craftsman. However, this blade pack is not compatible with Bosch and Fein Starlock tools or the Dremel MM40/MM45 oscillating tools. These blades feature a quick release system for changing out the blades faster for less time between jobs.

This accessory pack includes blades for cutting and sawing a wide variety of different materials. These blades are made from high-quality construction materials, including bi-metal and HCS. There are many jobs that can be completed using this blade pack. These blades are really affordable and they have a really great track record with staying sharper than most and are less likely to wear down faster.


2. ALLTOOL 25-Pack MultiTool Oscillating Tool Blades with Storage Case – Universal Fit

The ALLTOOL Multi-Tool pack comes with 25 blades for a variety of different jobs and projects that need to be accomplished. They offer a universal fit for many different multi-tools including Fein Multimaster, Black & Decker, Craftsman, Ridgid Ryobi, and DeWalt. They are not compatible with the Dremel MM40/MM45, Bosch MX30, Rockwell Bolt On, or the Fein SuperCut. These blades are extremely durable, made out of high-quality materials and are really affordable, costing less than one fourth of the price of the competition.

These 25 blades are equipped to have the best speed, precision and durability of any other blades on the market. The blades come with built-in depth measurements that ensures accurate cuts on plastic, metals, drywall, and wood. ALLTOOL offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on all of their blades, which is a better guarantee than most other companies on the market.


3. INTEGRA 20 Metal/wood Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades

INTEGRA’s package of 20 metal and wood saw blades are the perfect addition to your multi-tool for your next project. These blades fit most of the quick release systems on the market right now as well as the older model Hex Screw systems. These blades fit comfortably on models like Hyperlock, Bosch, Black & Decker and the Craftsman Bolt-on 20V. However, there are certain models that these blades do not fit on which are the Dremel MM40/MM45, Bosch MX30, Rockwell Bolt On, and Fein SuperCut.

This particular package is the contractor’s edition, which features high-quality blades made out of high quality materials. These blades are able to be exchanged out simply by just releasing the blade and changing them out.


4. Powerextra 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades

Powerextra has an awesome pack of 20 blades that are interchangeable with many different models of multi-tools. They are made from high quality carbon steel and stainless steel. These oscillating multi-tool saw blades will perform great on wood, plastic, metal, and many nails. These blades are made from thicker gauge metals than most other blades on the market, making them able to withstand wear and tear with a superior rating and will make them last a long time. The blades are super sharp, making cutting as precise as it can get. With built-in depth markers on the sides of the blades, this also allows you to make accurate cuts fast and easy almost every time.

The blades have multiple different tooth choices for you to choose from including Bi-Metal, Japanese, and standard. This helps you ensure that you are choosing the right blade for the job and offers a more accurate and precise cut. These blades fit a wide amount of multi-tools from Craftsman, Black & Decker, Ryobi, Genesis and more. They do not fit the Dremel MM40/MM45, Bosch MX30, Rockwell Bolt On and the Fein SuperCut.


5. Platinum Blades QFM187 Oscillating Multitool Blade Bundle (15-Items)

Platinum Blades offers a really great deal with this 15 pack of oscillating tool blades. These blades are made from thick gauge metals and high quality materials. The manufacturing techniques in these blades’ designs insures that the blades will be able to withstand any job that they are placed up against and that will have a longer life than other blades in the same market. The universal arbor allows for multiple position settings and offers a slip free operation at various blade angles.

This pack is the contractor’s pack, which means these blades are of professional standards and can handle being used in a professional setting on the jobsites. These blades are some of the best price per blade in the pack. They are compatible with Fein, Craftsman, DeWalt, Chicago Electric and many others. They are not compatible with certain models of oscillating tools, including Bosch MX30, the Dremel MM40/MM45, Fein Starlock, and other Dremel and Bosh Quick Release tools. These blades are the perfect edition to you toolbox.


6. 50 Pieces Pro Grade Universal Blades

INTEGRA blades are of the highest quality among blades on the oscillating blade tools market. This package contains 50 different blades that can be used universally and they fit most quick release tool systems as well as the old Hex Screw system. This package of blades includes metal and wood saw blades. This set of blades are a contractor’s pack, which means that these blades are made of professional grade materials and they are considered to be durable enough to use on any construction jobsite. These blades can be used on many universal oscillating blade tools including Rockwell Hyperlock, Black & Decker, Craftsman Bolt-On 20V, and other models.

However, they are not compatible with the Dremel MM40/MM45, Bosch MX30, Rockwell Bolt-On and the Fein SuperCut or Starlock tools. These blades come with several different types of blade teeth, including Japanese, Bi-metal, and wood. This are really affordable for the amount of blades that come in the package and they are sure to last a long time because of the durable materials that they are made from. These blades would be the perfect gift for anyone who like getting projects done around the house or if they are a professional builder.


7. Ryker Hardware 15 Wood/Metal Professional Oscillating Multi Tool Quick Release Saw Blades

Ryker Hardware brings you superior value with this package of 15 oscillating blades that are able to work with many universal multi-tools. These blades have the ability to help produce faster cutting and help you finish your jobs faster than you ever imagined. This pack includes three larger semicircular blades and bi-metal blades with stainless steel arbors. There is also an included carrying case to keep all of the blades organized so you can get to the right blade for the job quickly and easily.

These blades are tougher than your average blade – they are made with thick gauge high-carbon steel, which means they can withstand any job that you put them up to. Premium attachments help the blades cut through different types of wood, metal, plastic and fiberglass cleanly and effectively.

With superior manufacturing, these blades are sure to be a staple in your toolbox for a very long time. The blades have built-in markers to get the most accurate cut every single time. These blades are compatible with many different multi-tools including Ryobi, Ridgid, Bosch, Craftsman, Black & Decker, and many more. They are not compatible with the Fein Starlock model. Ryker Hardware recently redesigned the blades to be compatible with DeWalt, Porter Cable, and Dremel Multi Max, however, they include a C-Clip adapter for use when you are using the blades with the Dremel Multi Max 40/45.


8. Odyssey Oscillating Multitool 15 Blade Pack Wood Plastic Metal Saw Blade Platinum Blades oscillating Multi-tool Blade Bundle (15-Items)

The Odyssey Oscillating Multi-tool blade pack comes with 15 different blades perfect for assisting with any job that requires cutting, sawing or sanding. These blades are an awesome choice for cutting through metals, wood, plastic, and fiberglass. The blades in this package are made from a thick gauge metal and are of the highest of quality among other blades made by the competition.

These blades have been proven to withstand lots of wear and tear and still, they are able to hold up after a lot of usage. They are sure to have a long life and be the perfect blade addition to your toolbox. The universal arbor and multiple position settings help create a slip-free operation at many different blade angles.

These blades are compatible with Fein, Craftsman, Chicago Electric and many other different brands of oscillating multi-tools. They are not compatible with any quick release tools, including Dremel and Bosch, and they are not compatible with the Bosch MX30 or the Dremel MM40/MM45. There are several different types of blade teeth with this blade pack including wood, plastic, and Japanese. These blades are the perfect gift for anyone from the regular homeowner to the professional contractor.


9. DEWALT DWA4216 5-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit

The DeWalt 5-piece oscillating kit is a really great addition to your toolbox, especially for a beginner. The kit comes with five different blades, perfect to get projects accomplished around the house. The included carrying case is built out of hard plastic that is tough enough to protect the blades inside of it to help lengthen the life of the blades. The case also has different compartments inside that are designated for each one of the blades themselves. This helps you to organize the blades so you know which blade that you need at which time and you are easily able to get the right blade for the job.

The two 4203 blades are designed for wood cutting, while the one 4206 blade is designed to be used for faster cuts on wood. The 4213 blade is used for flush cuts on a variety of different materials. Lastly, the 4217 blade is designed for scraping and removal applications. These blades would be a perfect gift for anyone who likes doing handy projects and remodels around the house.


10. XXGO 72 Pcs Mixed Universal Bi Metal Carbide Precision Japan Fine Wood Sand Pads Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blades

XXGO has really gone above and beyond with this oscillating blade tool kit. There is a whopping 72 pieces included in the kit to help you accomplish everything on the jobsite. There is no way that you’ll need another tool with these blades. These oscillating multi-tool blades are universal and can be used with certain quick release tools. The blades package contain different types of blade teeth including carbide, bi-metal, precision Japanese, wide segment, and HCS wood cutting. There are also sanding pads and sandpaper included in this kit for optimal sanding.

This kit comes with an included carrying bag. These blades are designed for several different purposes including scraping, sanding, shaping, cutting, polishing, tile, gritting, and removing grout. The blades are compatible with most high-quality multi-tools on the market but they are not compatible with Dremel Multimax MM40/MM45, Fein FMM350QSL and Black & Decker tools. Since there are so many pieces in this kit, and for the price, this blade package will give you the biggest bang for your buck. These blades are sure to be another staple item in your toolbox.


Final Thought

There are many different blade kits on the market today – these are just 10 of the best one that will give you the multiple blades that you may need, for a great price that you’ll be happy to pay. These blades are all high-quality, made from the best materials for construction job sites and for home use. Check these blade kits out today for your oscillating multi-tool. They are sure to help you accomplish your remodel or construction job quickly and easily.



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