Zip Level Review & Buyers Guide For 2022

No matter what your business may be, when it comes to any construction-related projects, you try your best to produce the most accurate, durable, and efficient construction projects possible. But you can hardly do so without the right materials, regardless of how skilled you are. Even worse, you can barely do so without the right equipment handy, which is why purchasing a Zip Level is the best option for you. A Zip Level is a precision altimeter that is used in displaying crystal-clear digits after leveling and measuring elevations. An altimeter is an instrument for determining the altitude attained.

A Zip Level has proven technology that is designed for reliability. This is backed up by the fact that the Zip Level has been used for over ten years. It has been used, recommended, and recognized by thousands of contractors, engineers, and general users. The product itself has been designed to endure the harsh effects of direct sunglight, abrasion, temperature, and impact. This proves that it’s highly durable. It has a service life of 1-3 decades, assuming that it is properly maintained and handled.


The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

In order to fully understand the benefits and special features of the Zip Level, you must understand what exactly a Zip Level is, why it’s useful, how to use it, and when would the best time is to use this product.


What is a Zip Level?

A Zip Level is a high-precision altimeter that allows you to measure elevation and level required lands for construction projects. Because of its ability to read elevations directly and quickly, it allows you to truly work alone instead of needing multiple workers to complete a measurement requirement. In addition to its ability for single-person operation, the Zip Level also allows you to easily carry the product around. There is no tripod, sensor, line-of-sight, error with distance, factory calibration, and there are no confusing computations. The Zip Level easily gives you measurements over any distance and over any elevation.


How Does the Zip Level Work?

The Zip Level is a pressurized, hydrostatic altimeter that offers the highest degree of accuracy possible. It has been described as similar to an aircraft altimeter because an aircraft altimeter gauges the weight of the air that’s above it. Consequently, the Zip Level doesn’t depend on the atmosphere to measure elevation. Inside of the cord that connects the MM (Measurement Module) to the BU (Base Unit) is sealed proprietary liquid whose weight is determined by the pressurized system. This cord transfers elevation data between the MM and the BU, and no measurement data could be recorded without this cord. The internal pressure of the cord stops bubbles from escaping the liquid when the MM is above the BU. The level operates by reading the difference between the elevation of the MM and the BU separately.


When to use the Zip Level

In general, the Zip Level is used to level equipment properly, so the level application can be used in all aspects of any construction project. Thus, the elevation measurement application is used for more specific purposes. The Zip Level is employed by multiple engineers to measure floor/foundation deviations, real time beams, set pool negative edge, and to detect any floor or bridge deflection. To ensure the best accuracy, the Zip Level comes with three different resolution levels. The lower precision levels are best for taking rough readings and quick measurements. The standard and higher precision levels are for more accurate readings and measurements. As a reference, the high resolution level can measure the thickness of a business card.


Complete Review of ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter

Included below is the full, in-depth review of the features, application, functionality, and usefulness of this product.

Included in the package

Upon first unboxing this package, you will find the Zip Level Pro-2000 itself, the cord, the unipod, the protective boot, the anchoring stakes, a 9-Volt battery, and the user guide. The Zip Level is maintained in two units: the MM and the BU. The Measurement Module is handheld for personal use. The 100-foot cord included connects the MM to the BU in order to transfer elevation data. And the unipod allows the constant bending to be avoided when multiple readings are being taken.

The Zip Level Pro-2000 is 12 pounds and the dimensions of this product are 10.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches. As designed, this makes for easy transportation. The 9-Volt battery included is an alkaline battery that lasts up to 60 hours. The protective boot goes around the MM and prevents damages. The MM requires the protective boot because it’s the most fragile out of all the items included. This is because of the 9-Volt battery situated on the back of the MM. The Zip Level Pro-2000 is yellow and black, and contains a plastic handle to make for easy portability. The single setup range is 200’ circle horizontal and 40’ vertical. But when the built-in CARRY function is used, there are unlimited ranges.

Specifications and Benefits of this Product

Fast assembly time

Not only does the Zip Level Pro-2000 offer the quickest and most accurate measurements of elevations possible, but the product itself can be setup and put away very quickly. The whole setup takes only 30 seconds to unpack.

Shock resistant

The Zip Level Pro-2000 is drop-resistant and is designed to withstand rough handlings. The MM can tolerate being dropped from 5-foot (1.5 m) onto a concrete floor. And the BU can survive undamaged when dropped from 3-foot (1 m) onto a concrete floor.

Outstanding battery life

This product contains a 9-Volt alkaline battery that’s found in the MM. This battery offers years of normal, everyday use. The recharging and frequent battery replacement that other products require is not needed for the Zip Level.

PC Serial Port

On this product, there is a PC port included that makes it possible for you to either view or transfer your stored readings to a PC. This makes for data to be transferred easily.

Works under harsh temperature conditions

The Zip Level Pro-2000 can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. And it should be stored in conditions ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Zip Level also has the capability of far measuring distances, is water-resistant, has great memory life, and is easy to transport. There is no line-of-sight required and the Zip Level Pro-2000 doesn’t amplify error over distance. This product never needs factory calibration, and it displays levels and measurements in digits, eliminating the need for any calculation. In addition to all of this, the purchase of a Zip Level Pro-2000 also includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.



Complete Review of ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000B High Precision Altimeter

Included below is the full, in-depth review of the features, application, functionality, and usefulness of this product.

Included in the package

Upon first opening the Zip Level Pro-2000B, you will find the Zip Level Pro-2000B itself, the 75-foot cord, the 9-Volt battery, and a user manual. Similarly to the Zip Level Pro-2000, the Pro-2000B contains a handheld Measurement Module and a Base Unit. These two systems must be connected with the 75-foot cord that’s included in order for the elevation measurement data to be transferred. The Zip Level Pro-2000B is 10 pounds and its dimensions are 10.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches, which allows for easy transportation. Also making transportation easier is the plastic handle included.

The Zip Level Pro-2000B is yellow and black, and offers a 150’ circle horizontal range and a 40’ vertical range. Consequently, there is a built-in function referred to as the CARRY function, which allows for unlimited ranges to be made. This product is also made for both indoor and outdoor uses, and can endure all weather conditions, with the exception of the MM’s exposure to rain water for extended amounts of time.

Specifications and Benefits of this product

Longest range of measuring

The Zip Level Pro-2000B can measure up to 40-feet (12 m) vertically and up to 200-feet (60 m) horizontally. However, when the built-in CARRY function is used, the ranges accessed are unlimited. This product also contains an internal precision of 0.13 cm.

Water resistant

The Zip Level Pro-2000B can withstand very high levels of moisture and can even be gently rinsed with a hose. Despite that, the Measurement Module is not water resistant and should avoid any immersion by water or other solvent. Because this product is water resistant, any concern about getting rained on at a job site can be eliminated.

Expedient memory life

This product saves its settings along with 137 additional readings regardless of whether it has a battery installed or not. Additionally, the extended memory life makes it possible for the system’s data to be transferable to PC.

Lightweight for easy portability

The Zip Level Pro-2000B only weighs 10 pounds altogether. Even more surprisingly, the Measurement Module only weighs 1 pound.

Additionally, Zip Level Pro-2000B also has the capability of working under harsh temperature conditions, contains a PC Serial port, contains impressive battery life, is shock resistant, and has a fast setup/pack up time. Moreover, this product replaces rotary lasers for faster and more precise measurements. It allows you to read both level and elevation measurements directly in digits, eliminating the need to process any calculations. In addition to all of this, the purchase of a Zip Level Pro-2000B also includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.



Built-in Functions

Along with all of the other special features and benefits of both the Zip Level Pro-2000 and the Zip Level Pro-2000B, both of these products also contain 16 powerful built-in functions listed below that make the lives of Zip Level product users easier.


CARRY Function

This functions moves the whole system’s units over an unlimited amount of ranges. It also allows the product user to measure elevations without tabulation, calculations, or loss of the benchmark plane.


REC Function

This record function makes it easier for the system to store 137 readings in its memory unit.


RES Function

This function lets you select the measurement resolution and helps you switch from lower resolution to the higher resolution.


CAL Function

The CAL function calibrates the system to adjust the accuracy of vertical readings. It also provides the user with more accurate measurements.


DUMP Function

This function allows you to view stored data or transfer it to your PC for tables, profiles, 3D, or Topo maps.


MARK Function

This function makes it so you don’t have to stare at the leveling function when completeing a task. It supplements the data display and lets you create audible sounds at the selected elevation or elevations within a selected limit.


Scale Function

This function takes accurate readings in your preferred scale. For example, if you want your measurements read in feet instead of inches, this scale function converts those measurements for you.


Zero Function

The Zero Function makes a current elevation a reference and it allows the system to do the high or low math for the measurements.



Auto-off shuts down the system after 4 minutes when the it’s left idling with no measurement information displayed. This function preserves the battery life and prevents the battery from needing replaced.


Hold Function

This allows you to use the system in dimly lit areas where displays normally would not be visible. It does this by freezing the readings and elevation on display until you locate an area where it can be viewed again.


MONITOR Function

The monitor function shuts the Zip Level down automatically after a 4-minute period of inactivity. This prevents the Zip Level from shutting off and losing your data measurements. This also allows you to monitor and log data onto a PC.


Hidden Functions

There are 2 hidden functions located on the Zip Level that include the temperature function and the high precision function. The temperature function shows the surrounding temperatures, and the high precision function allows anywhere from paper-thin measurements to 0.1 mm measurements in HP range.

Overall, the Zip Level is most suitable for professional contractors, engineers, and home inspectors because of its reliability to accuracy, durability, and efficiency. This product replaces rotary lasers and is classified as the fastest, easiest, most powerful, and only pressurized bubble-free level. The Zip Level should be maintained properly in order to ensure the highest durability possible. In order to maintain the durability and effectiveness of the Zip Level, you must always use the protective boot on the MM, clean the cord before reeling it in, avoid the immersion of the MM in water, store it in a cool and dry place, avoid excessive pressure on the MM, and you must calibrate the system in order to get the most accurate measurements.

The leveling operation is self-calibrating, but before any vertical measurements are taken and after any change in temperature, the system must be calibrated to ensure the most precise measurements. Overall, the Zip Level is the most accurate, most reliable, and most beneficial leveling system used by engineers, contractors, and general-users.



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